Hubs Star Wars Bread

You’ve all seen the new Star Wars right? You know where Ray gets her 1/4 portion and takes it home and makes that little bread that heats up within a minute and eats it? Well hubs was doing his usual bored internet surfing. And he found a recipe for that “bread”. Well I wouldn’t truly call it a bread, since it was more like a microwave mug cake.

Needless to say my star wars obsesses hubs and N were super excited so he gave me a list of ingredients that I needed to buy immediately of course. On the list Matcha powder. Ever heard of it? Well, I hadn’t until then. Apparently it’s a very powdery green tea that you can put in smoothies, breads and just about anything. It’s loaded with antioxidants, so it’s supposed to be super good for you. Well after some searching on my usual product review site I applied for and got selected to review Midori Spring Matcha powder from amazon. It came in a couple of days later thanks to my prime account and hubs excitedly got to work on his “bread”. It took a few rounds of tweaking and checking out different variations of the recipe before he found one that actually works pretty well.

First get your ingredients together. Flour, sugar, milk, baking powder, vanilla, vegetable oil and Midori Spring Matcha powder 20160311_090945

Then use a little oil to coat the inside of the cup. Personally I don’t know if this really helps because the mug is always hard to clean after, and mix the dry ingredients. Tasty right? not yet….


Add the milk, hubs found he had to add an extra TBS of milk to make it work, and vanilla and mix VERY WELL!!! Trust me on this, if you don’t mix well it’s terrible. Now it really looks gross, doesn’t it?


Microwave and let cool slightly….. and enjoy!

The powder has a strong green tea favor on it’s own but blended in smoothies it’s not nearly as noticeable, so if you’re not a huge tea drinker but want the benefits mix it in something with a better flavor like my strawberry banana smoothie. YUM!

I received this product for free for an honest review.


Saving While Shopping Online

Online shopping is pretty great, in my book. You can compare prices easily, company products, you don’t have to drag your littles to the store and worry about them asking for everything they see and let’s face it, you don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to. Sooo do you want to save even more money while you’re shopping online?
I love ebates! When you start your online shopping you just go to their site and then search for the store you’ll be shopping through, sometimes they have coupons for those stores too. That’s it! Shop as normal after that. You’ll even get a $10 free gift card to a store of your choice after you’re first purchase through ebates! Check them out!
This was my shopping trip this morning.


Meal Plan and List

Sigh, it’s that time of the week again… Grocery list. I am hit and miss when it comes to actually getting a good list together and including a meal plan especially. Well this week I promised to help a friend who isn’t that great in the kitchen to set up a grocery list and meal plan. So I thought I’d share with y’all.

The theme of this weeks meal plan is: CHEAP!!

I’m broke this week, need I say more? So I took to pinterest to find cheap and tasty meals. I was of course filled with all kinds of fun things to choose from, so I then went to the grocery papers to see what was on sale and what was in my fridge/freezer.

Last week the local store had chicken breast for $1.19/lb so I stocked up. A lot of our meals this week will be chicken based….

This weeks plan looks something like this.

Sunday – Chicken Tacos

Monday – Red Beans and Rice (make lots of extra rice…)

Tuesday – Honey Garlic Chicken and Fried Rice ( to use that extra rice, of course)

Wednesday – Enchilada Casserole I use leftover taco chicken and homemade refried beans to save on this one

Thursday – Bacon/Ranch Chicken With Roasted Red Potatoes

Friday – Creamy Chicken w/ Sundried Tomato Sauce and pasta

Saturday – Lasagna

This week’s grocery list is totaling at about $65 which is a good amount for me, but I have all the meat I need, and will mainly be adding ingredients for recipes that I am missing. Plus a few things that are on sale that I will use over then next few weeks.  So here’s the list.

  1. Eggs 2.5 dz $1.99 at Claiborne hill (this is an awesome deal and I will probably buy 2)
  2. Mozzarella
  3. Ricotta
  4. Parmesan
  5. Heavy Cream
  6. Colby Jack Cheese
  7. Bacon
  8. Ketchup
  9. White Cooking Wine
  10. Sundried Tomatoes
  11. Flour
  12. Diced Tomatoes w/ Green Chilis
  13. Garlic Powder
  14. Russet Potatoes 20lb $4.98 at Claiborne Hill
  15. Red Potatoes 3 lb $3.50 at Winn Dixie
  16. Pasta, Barilla 12-16 oz $.99 Fred’s Dollar Store
  17. Pasta Sauce, Barilla 24 oz BOGO 2/$2.99 Winn Dixie
  18. Lasagna noodles
  19. Rice, Best Choice 16 oz 3/$1 Rameys ( this offer is also good at Jubilee I believe)
  20. Enchilada Sauce
  21. Garlic
  22. Carrots 1lb $.48 at Rameys/Jubilee
  23. Snack Bags, Glad 22ct $.85 Claiborne Hill

Now, if you didn’t have any of the ingredients for a recipe it’s probably not worthwhile to buy everything for it, but it may be if you can find it on sale.

The sales mentioned are good for the local  MS Gulf Coast/New Orleans area and can be found on each store’s website. I recommend ad matching at Walmart where possible over visiting each store.  You could also check any other local stores in your area for sales that apply to you or your shopping list.
This is my actual list:


I guess I should think about breakfast and lunch, but that’s too much planning for my tired mommy brain.
I hope y’all enjoyed my list!



Essential oils

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I love doing natural things to help my family. I especially love it when I can use products for multiple uses.
I just got the opportunity to review some nice essential oils for free. The company sent me peppermint and lemon to try.
Simply Earth is the brand. Here is what I found out about these products:
They are 100% pure, each listing includes the gc/ms report
The company donates a portion of each purchase to “help end human trafficking”
They are extremely affordable

Now onto the the Lemon oil,  my first note on this when I opened it was that it wasn’t as potent smelling as my other lemon eo (essential oil) but since I general use lemon for cleaning that doesn’t really bother me. Here is the cleaner I use on my floor.
Me mixing it up…


My notes on the lemon was that it’s scent is very mild; I could barely smell  it over the vinegar I added to the cleaner.  But for a less expensive option it was ok.

As for the peppermint oil. Wow! I could smell it before I even opened the package, I thought maybe it had spilled but it hadn’t. It smells wonderful, I’m waiting for my next headache to see how it works for relieving my migraines. Update on that too follow.

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Free Nail Polish!

I don’t know about y’all, but I love the idea of nail polish, but rarely use it. I love grabbing up fun colors, unique, little ways to express myself.
But with bills, groceries, Dr visits, and other things I rarely have any extra money to buy things as useless as nail polish. But today I have great news! Check out this site for 4 great polishes for free, just pay shipping.
That’s great right? 4 free polishes of your choice. But hurry this sale won’t last long! Use promo code 4YOU, sale ends Jan. 13, 2016.


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What to Buy at Dollar Tree

I love a good deal, sometimes hubs teases that I can find 99% off anything. While seriously I wish that was true, it’s not… but oh well.
I find that the Dollar Tree is my often forgotten secret weapon for saving money.  But, while you can find great deals at the Dollar Tree, sometimes you can find really bad deals there too. So here’s a list of some of my favorite deals from Dollar Tree.
Cards – $0.50 at Dollar Tree, $2-$4 anywhere else including Walmart.
Coloring books! Seriously, why would ever spends $3-$4 at walmart on coloring books when they’re $1 at the dollar tree!? So they don’t have as large of a selection, but if your kids go through as many coloring books as mine do, you probably don’t care.
Glasses, no not eye glasses, drinking glasses. I got these coca cola glasses, you know the ones, heavy, thick, some of them have been dropped and never broken. I’ve had them for years, thru 3 moves and they’re still holding strong. $1 a piece and you pick your sizes and styles.
Bread- I’m gonna say sometimes on this one. My local dollar tree sometimes gets Nature’s Own bread. They don’t have it very often but when they do I stock up and fill my freezer. Now we eat a lot of bread, this is the kind that lasts like a week tops, so if you don’t eat a lot of sandwiches this deal may not be for you. But $1 certainly beats  $3.50 at walmart.
What’s your favorite dollar tree deals?

Clothing the monsters

It’s that time of year, the weather is changing, kids need warmer clothes and of course, they’ve outgrown everything from the last winter….
So how do you clothe then without breaking the bank? Personally I love consignment and resale shops or I buy used from other moms in the area. I recently found a few online consignment options that I like.
First is totspot, it’s an app for mobile phones only as far as I know. But you get free shipping on your first order, that’s a win in my book. If you use my code you’ll get $5 off your first order as well, so honestly you could find something for $5 order it, get it free with free shipping! That’s pretty good right? Use code HVUMQA at checkout (must enter code very quickly for it to work).
Here’s another one if you catch the right sale zulily has some great deals, not just for clothes but everything in general. I just bought 4 born free straw cups for my kids, I had a $15 store credit for referring a friend and free shipping. Those 4 cups cost me $2 and change. I was very happy with that purchase. Check out zulily here.
Other than that there’s some great groups on my area, there’s a momma group that I love, the mom’s are very loving and helpful. There’s also several local for sale groups that I turn to. I try not to buy anything new unless it’s a special occasion, I love my kids but they’re expensive!
Do you have any tricks for buying kids clothes cheaper? Share them in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!


My haul

You all saw my grocery list that I created this morning right?  Well I went to my usual store and got some great steals. I posted a pic below of the things I bought.
Here’s the list and how much each thing cost.
2 whole chickens $3.86 and $4.06 each were about 5 lbs
2 packs of bratwurst, the good kind $2.75 each
2 packs of beef stew meat, about 1 lb each $3.55 per pack
2 – 1 lb packs of butter $2.45 each
1 bag of french toast bagels, yum, $1
1 large can of oats $3.99, a little more than I usually pay but I didn’t want to go to Walmart
Half and half $2.95, also a little more but, no walmart today
1 bag of mixed veggies $1.99
3 yogurts each was $0.50 including the Greek yogurt
4 bags of chips 2 were $1 each the other 2 were $1.75
1 large can of Folger’s coffee  $7
My grand total: $45.01


All in all I was pretty pleased with my haul! Especially knowing I can get 2-3 meals out of each chicken and probably the stew meat too.

Grocery Time

Hi! Sorry it’s been so long, you know how it is with kids, hubby and the house to keep up with… Not to mention it’s been rainy and grey for a week so I honesty didn’t feel like doing anything. To keep the flow from my last post, we went to the fair a few weeks ago, it was great! The kids had fun and so did we, we got to try some great food, ride some rides (with and without the kids) spend time with family, all in all a pretty good night.

Now onto the next thing. I’ve had a few people ask how I save money on groceries, one even asked for my list so here goes. This week we don’t need much, mostly breakfast stuff and a few other things. I start out by looking through all my local sales papers. For me that’s Winn Dixie, Claiborne Hill, 3 dollar stores, & Raimeys. It used to be more, but my local walmart no longer matches online ads. Then, I print out this list, it’s by far the easiest one I have found, thanks Extreme Couponing Mom!

My list looks something like this

Folgers Coffee 27.8-33.9 oz $7 WD  $1 IS Coupon                                                     Challenge Butter 16 oz $3 WD .55 MF Coupon* $1 IS Coupon                                         Mayfield Ice Cream 1.5 QT B1G1 6.49 WD, IS coupon $1                                             Premio Bratwurst 16 oz B1G1 5.49 WD                                                                  Pompiean EVOO 48 oz B1G1 8.29 WD                                                                           Bird’s Eye Vrozen Veggies 9-12.7 oz 2.50 WD $1.50 IS Coupon                                   Boneless Chicken Breast 1.79/lb CH                                                                                  Oatmeal                                                                                                                                          Half & half

5/$50 IS coupon WD

A few notes and tips. IS means in store, if you havent already I strongly suggest you sign up for Winn Dixie’s baby club. It’s for parents with children 3 and under and they send great coupons every month.

If there are other stores local to you, check and see if they have coupon programs or if you can sign up for emails ect.

Sign up for everything! IF you use a product frequently check into signing up for their email club, most send out coupons monthly. Happy Shopping!


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So Sad.

Well we were so excited to head to the dairy fest today! I hope some of you got to go and enjoy, I would love to hear experiences if so! How was it? Get any goodies?
Well we headed out about 2:30 for the 45 min drive to the dairy fest. We never got in. We waited in traffic on the highway for 45 mins! Then turned around a mile away since the kids had to pee. So no dairy fest for me 👿
Now as we’re heading home from this disappointing event I’m planning our next weekend event.
So here’s the next big cheap event in our area. The Franklinton Fair is one of the last free fairs in the country. If you get in the gate parking is free, or local people sell their yards for parking for between 5 and 10 dollars per car. Once you get in they have rides, which you have to pay to ride of course, free things include the antique village with demonstrations, concerts, petting zoo, produce and animal prizes and local vendors showcasing their items.
I can vouch for this event, I’ve gone several times and have had no problem getting parking. There will be traffic, plan on an extra hour, but the fair is huge, with lots of free stuff to enjoy!