So Sad.

Well we were so excited to head to the dairy fest today! I hope some of you got to go and enjoy, I would love to hear experiences if so! How was it? Get any goodies?
Well we headed out about 2:30 for the 45 min drive to the dairy fest. We never got in. We waited in traffic on the highway for 45 mins! Then turned around a mile away since the kids had to pee. So no dairy fest for me 👿
Now as we’re heading home from this disappointing event I’m planning our next weekend event.
So here’s the next big cheap event in our area. The Franklinton Fair is one of the last free fairs in the country. If you get in the gate parking is free, or local people sell their yards for parking for between 5 and 10 dollars per car. Once you get in they have rides, which you have to pay to ride of course, free things include the antique village with demonstrations, concerts, petting zoo, produce and animal prizes and local vendors showcasing their items.
I can vouch for this event, I’ve gone several times and have had no problem getting parking. There will be traffic, plan on an extra hour, but the fair is huge, with lots of free stuff to enjoy!