Grocery Time

Hi! Sorry it’s been so long, you know how it is with kids, hubby and the house to keep up with… Not to mention it’s been rainy and grey for a week so I honesty didn’t feel like doing anything. To keep the flow from my last post, we went to the fair a few weeks ago, it was great! The kids had fun and so did we, we got to try some great food, ride some rides (with and without the kids) spend time with family, all in all a pretty good night.

Now onto the next thing. I’ve had a few people ask how I save money on groceries, one even asked for my list so here goes. This week we don’t need much, mostly breakfast stuff and a few other things. I start out by looking through all my local sales papers. For me that’s Winn Dixie, Claiborne Hill, 3 dollar stores, & Raimeys. It used to be more, but my local walmart no longer matches online ads. Then, I print out this list, it’s by far the easiest one I have found, thanks Extreme Couponing Mom!

My list looks something like this

Folgers Coffee 27.8-33.9 oz $7 WD  $1 IS Coupon                                                     Challenge Butter 16 oz $3 WD .55 MF Coupon* $1 IS Coupon                                         Mayfield Ice Cream 1.5 QT B1G1 6.49 WD, IS coupon $1                                             Premio Bratwurst 16 oz B1G1 5.49 WD                                                                  Pompiean EVOO 48 oz B1G1 8.29 WD                                                                           Bird’s Eye Vrozen Veggies 9-12.7 oz 2.50 WD $1.50 IS Coupon                                   Boneless Chicken Breast 1.79/lb CH                                                                                  Oatmeal                                                                                                                                          Half & half

5/$50 IS coupon WD

A few notes and tips. IS means in store, if you havent already I strongly suggest you sign up for Winn Dixie’s baby club. It’s for parents with children 3 and under and they send great coupons every month.

If there are other stores local to you, check and see if they have coupon programs or if you can sign up for emails ect.

Sign up for everything! IF you use a product frequently check into signing up for their email club, most send out coupons monthly. Happy Shopping!


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