My haul

You all saw my grocery list that I created this morning right?  Well I went to my usual store and got some great steals. I posted a pic below of the things I bought.
Here’s the list and how much each thing cost.
2 whole chickens $3.86 and $4.06 each were about 5 lbs
2 packs of bratwurst, the good kind $2.75 each
2 packs of beef stew meat, about 1 lb each $3.55 per pack
2 – 1 lb packs of butter $2.45 each
1 bag of french toast bagels, yum, $1
1 large can of oats $3.99, a little more than I usually pay but I didn’t want to go to Walmart
Half and half $2.95, also a little more but, no walmart today
1 bag of mixed veggies $1.99
3 yogurts each was $0.50 including the Greek yogurt
4 bags of chips 2 were $1 each the other 2 were $1.75
1 large can of Folger’s coffee  $7
My grand total: $45.01


All in all I was pretty pleased with my haul! Especially knowing I can get 2-3 meals out of each chicken and probably the stew meat too.