What to Buy at Dollar Tree

I love a good deal, sometimes hubs teases that I can find 99% off anything. While seriously I wish that was true, it’s not… but oh well.
I find that the Dollar Tree is my often forgotten secret weapon for saving money.  But, while you can find great deals at the Dollar Tree, sometimes you can find really bad deals there too. So here’s a list of some of my favorite deals from Dollar Tree.
Cards – $0.50 at Dollar Tree, $2-$4 anywhere else including Walmart.
Coloring books! Seriously, why would ever spends $3-$4 at walmart on coloring books when they’re $1 at the dollar tree!? So they don’t have as large of a selection, but if your kids go through as many coloring books as mine do, you probably don’t care.
Glasses, no not eye glasses, drinking glasses. I got these coca cola glasses, you know the ones, heavy, thick, some of them have been dropped and never broken. I’ve had them for years, thru 3 moves and they’re still holding strong. $1 a piece and you pick your sizes and styles.
Bread- I’m gonna say sometimes on this one. My local dollar tree sometimes gets Nature’s Own bread. They don’t have it very often but when they do I stock up and fill my freezer. Now we eat a lot of bread, this is the kind that lasts like a week tops, so if you don’t eat a lot of sandwiches this deal may not be for you. But $1 certainly beats  $3.50 at walmart.
What’s your favorite dollar tree deals?