Essential oils

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I love doing natural things to help my family. I especially love it when I can use products for multiple uses.
I just got the opportunity to review some nice essential oils for free. The company sent me peppermint and lemon to try.
Simply Earth is the brand. Here is what I found out about these products:
They are 100% pure, each listing includes the gc/ms report
The company donates a portion of each purchase to “help end human trafficking”
They are extremely affordable

Now onto the the Lemon oil,  my first note on this when I opened it was that it wasn’t as potent smelling as my other lemon eo (essential oil) but since I general use lemon for cleaning that doesn’t really bother me. Here is the cleaner I use on my floor.
Me mixing it up…


My notes on the lemon was that it’s scent is very mild; I could barely smell  it over the vinegar I added to the cleaner.  But for a less expensive option it was ok.

As for the peppermint oil. Wow! I could smell it before I even opened the package, I thought maybe it had spilled but it hadn’t. It smells wonderful, I’m waiting for my next headache to see how it works for relieving my migraines. Update on that too follow.

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