Meal Plan and List

Sigh, it’s that time of the week again… Grocery list. I am hit and miss when it comes to actually getting a good list together and including a meal plan especially. Well this week I promised to help a friend who isn’t that great in the kitchen to set up a grocery list and meal plan. So I thought I’d share with y’all.

The theme of this weeks meal plan is: CHEAP!!

I’m broke this week, need I say more? So I took to pinterest to find cheap and tasty meals. I was of course filled with all kinds of fun things to choose from, so I then went to the grocery papers to see what was on sale and what was in my fridge/freezer.

Last week the local store had chicken breast for $1.19/lb so I stocked up. A lot of our meals this week will be chicken based….

This weeks plan looks something like this.

Sunday – Chicken Tacos

Monday – Red Beans and Rice (make lots of extra rice…)

Tuesday – Honey Garlic Chicken and Fried Rice ( to use that extra rice, of course)

Wednesday – Enchilada Casserole I use leftover taco chicken and homemade refried beans to save on this one

Thursday – Bacon/Ranch Chicken With Roasted Red Potatoes

Friday – Creamy Chicken w/ Sundried Tomato Sauce and pasta

Saturday – Lasagna

This week’s grocery list is totaling at about $65 which is a good amount for me, but I have all the meat I need, and will mainly be adding ingredients for recipes that I am missing. Plus a few things that are on sale that I will use over then next few weeks.  So here’s the list.

  1. Eggs 2.5 dz $1.99 at Claiborne hill (this is an awesome deal and I will probably buy 2)
  2. Mozzarella
  3. Ricotta
  4. Parmesan
  5. Heavy Cream
  6. Colby Jack Cheese
  7. Bacon
  8. Ketchup
  9. White Cooking Wine
  10. Sundried Tomatoes
  11. Flour
  12. Diced Tomatoes w/ Green Chilis
  13. Garlic Powder
  14. Russet Potatoes 20lb $4.98 at Claiborne Hill
  15. Red Potatoes 3 lb $3.50 at Winn Dixie
  16. Pasta, Barilla 12-16 oz $.99 Fred’s Dollar Store
  17. Pasta Sauce, Barilla 24 oz BOGO 2/$2.99 Winn Dixie
  18. Lasagna noodles
  19. Rice, Best Choice 16 oz 3/$1 Rameys ( this offer is also good at Jubilee I believe)
  20. Enchilada Sauce
  21. Garlic
  22. Carrots 1lb $.48 at Rameys/Jubilee
  23. Snack Bags, Glad 22ct $.85 Claiborne Hill

Now, if you didn’t have any of the ingredients for a recipe it’s probably not worthwhile to buy everything for it, but it may be if you can find it on sale.

The sales mentioned are good for the local  MS Gulf Coast/New Orleans area and can be found on each store’s website. I recommend ad matching at Walmart where possible over visiting each store.  You could also check any other local stores in your area for sales that apply to you or your shopping list.
This is my actual list:


I guess I should think about breakfast and lunch, but that’s too much planning for my tired mommy brain.
I hope y’all enjoyed my list!