Hubs Star Wars Bread

You’ve all seen the new Star Wars right? You know where Ray gets her 1/4 portion and takes it home and makes that little bread that heats up within a minute and eats it? Well hubs was doing his usual bored internet surfing. And he found a recipe for that “bread”. Well I wouldn’t truly call it a bread, since it was more like a microwave mug cake.

Needless to say my star wars obsesses hubs and N were super excited so he gave me a list of ingredients that I needed to buy immediately of course. On the list Matcha powder. Ever heard of it? Well, I hadn’t until then. Apparently it’s a very powdery green tea that you can put in smoothies, breads and just about anything. It’s loaded with antioxidants, so it’s supposed to be super good for you. Well after some searching on my usual product review site I applied for and got selected to review Midori Spring Matcha powder from amazon. It came in a couple of days later thanks to my prime account and hubs excitedly got to work on his “bread”. It took a few rounds of tweaking and checking out different variations of the recipe before he found one that actually works pretty well.

First get your ingredients together. Flour, sugar, milk, baking powder, vanilla, vegetable oil and Midori Spring Matcha powder 20160311_090945

Then use a little oil to coat the inside of the cup. Personally I don’t know if this really helps because the mug is always hard to clean after, and mix the dry ingredients. Tasty right? not yet….


Add the milk, hubs found he had to add an extra TBS of milk to make it work, and vanilla and mix VERY WELL!!! Trust me on this, if you don’t mix well it’s terrible. Now it really looks gross, doesn’t it?


Microwave and let cool slightly….. and enjoy!

The powder has a strong green tea favor on it’s own but blended in smoothies it’s not nearly as noticeable, so if you’re not a huge tea drinker but want the benefits mix it in something with a better flavor like my strawberry banana smoothie. YUM!

I received this product for free for an honest review.